* How to Find Your Proper Ski Equipment

Ski clothing: safe, comfortable, beautiful, warm and practical.
Ski goggles: providing protection of skiers’ eyes, single, double-layer lens with variety of colors
Ski helmet: hard mold, insulation layer of good flexibility, streamlined, portable, of good vision
Ski gloves: necessary for alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, aerials, ski jumping, demanding on being warm, cold and wear-resistant, soft.
How to get on/off skis
(1) keeping vertical to the falling line and parallel for two plates when putting the ski on the snow surface;
(2) Steps: wearing the ski board on the foot behind the other firstly and then the other ski;
(3) How to check whether the ski boots are firmly connected to skis: beat up and check if skis off the ground;
(4) how to get off the skis: ski to opening the fixator with the tip of skiing pole.

ski goggleski goggle

Ski Equipment-Ski Goggles
Ski goggles are used for good protection against the strong reflection of snow in sunny days or the temporary blindness due to light stimulation, which is commonly known as “snow blindness”. Also, a good pair of goggles can prevent cold wind and snow damage to the eyes and remain good vision for skiers.

The goggles are divided into mountaineering sunglasses, ski jumping goggles, cross country ski sunglasses, and flexible goggles. In general, the goggles should have the following features:

Firstly, to prevent the stimulation of cold wind on the eyes;
Secondly, to prevent ultraviolet burns to the eyes;
thirdly, no mist on the lens;
fourthly, no face harm after a fall

What we need goggles should be completely closed, like a diving mask, but without the closure of the nose; frame made of soft plastic, close to the face. Goggles prevent the air inlet; lens coating with anti-fog, anti-UV colored materials; ventilation holes (skiers wearing glasses should select thick goggles to enable a nearsighted all hooded). Currently, the popular frame is safer plastic products; yellow or brown lens are preferred.

Brands of Ski Goggles:
Briko: Japanese brand, suitable for the beginners because of the tight package between face and goggle frame. In addition, the lens is very characteristic, self-adjust according to the intensity of the sunshine.

Swans: Japanese brand, llens can be self-adjusted by the change of light, especially, anti-fog, ideal for use in the snow.

Cebe: French brand, appropriate for the ski experts, available for light adjust and replacement

Arnette: Arnette is known mainly by helmets and goggles, popular brand.

Axe: Japan goggles, new style, most suitable for the Asian face.

ski poleski pole

Ski Equipment-Ski Pole
Ski pole is used to support skiing forward, control balance, guide the direction change and support the body weight during skiing. In addition to the ski jumping, aerials skiing, snowboarding, ski pole is involved in the other items, as an essential tool for skiers to control body easily. We should choose the ski pole with light weight, of good flexibility and balance, suited to our own height. Generally, you can measure that pole from the tip to the top of the grip, no longer than the height of your shoulder, which can be divided into mountaineering ski pole, cross-country ski pole and flexible ballet stick. The beginners can choose slightly longer ski poles, and then select a shorter one when have more experience as well as skills. The length of the ski pole is 90 – 125cm, usually.

The ring fixed on the ski pole can be set on the wrist to prevent off. Snow wheel prevents the ski pole trapped in the snow too deeply, and functions as a stable fulcrum for skiers at the high-speed skiing.

ATOMIC: Austria brand, aluminum selected as materials, relatively light weight, easy to operate, related to the various specifications covering 1.05 – 1.2 meters.

Skiwhole: a novel ski pole with electronic handle was shown at 2001 Winter International Sports Products Expo held in Munich, Germany. This new type of ski pole handle is configured on the radio signal transmitting device and the sound signal alarm device, which helps the rescue team to find the trapped due to an avalanche or other incidents.



Ski Equipment-Snowboard
Snowboard is for skiers moving carrier, mainly composed by the multi-layer structure, including the elastic plate, box-shaped structure of the anti-torque plate core, glass fiber composites, polymers, base plate, metal side edge. The length of the snowboard should be no more than the height of your wrist when you lift your arm and no shorter than of your crotch. Long skis facilitate glide speed and good stability while short skis come to slow speed, easy to vibrate, poor stability. Beginners could choose the appropriate length equaling to their height plus 5 cm. Differing in the elasticity of the elastic plate, beginners should use the one with greater flexibility because the braking effect is also good and relatively easier to operate and easily turning when board encountered uneven snow surface from time to time.

The ski floor is made from plastic or polymer nylon materials, which contribute to small coefficient of friction and the side edge of the snowboard should remain sharp so than it will not skid when skiers exert gravity. It is said that the ski side edge for professional skiers can be used to shave.

Freestyle: suitable for the field with hard snow and shorter ski run, such as normal ski resorts and U-shaped blue tube slide, light weight, board header blunt, shorter board, of skateboarding style.

Freeride: multi-functional snowboard, available for soft and hard snow, suitable for the ski or any non-ski fields. You possibly often see this model in the film when skiers jump from the cliff, hit the slopes.

Freecarve: also known as “Alpine”, belonging to fast ski snowboard, for longer ski tracks and fast descending, available for both hard and soft snow.

Race: racing ski snowboard used in gaming venues, suitable for hard snow, long board, large surface less likely to fall into.

Type of ground, snow conditions, ski style, body weight should be taken fully into consideration. Of course, your personal style of pattern is also very important.

BLIZZARD: the ttrademark officially registered in Austria in 1953, a lot of athletes achieved excellent results in the game using Blizzard board. Michi Dorfmeister won the title of world champion in 2003 with Blizzard board for all-around downhill ski games.

Head: of the world’s most stylish streamlined board body, two wide head, thin middle, easy to operate, good pliability, suitable for beginners; variety of colors, bright color, covering 1.5 m – 1.8 m, normally, you could choose the snowboard with the height similar to your own height, instead of higher size 20cm or so than your actual height.

Rossignol: made in France since 1907, one of the world’s most famous ski brand, good sales over the world, reaching a market share of 25% in 2002-2003.

K2: made in U.S., holding sports and adventure as the spirit of the company, helping people to enjoy the unlimited fun of skiing as goal.

ski bindingski binding

Ski Equipment- Ski Binding
Ski binding, known as an important component of the connection of snowboard and ski boots, plays an important role in personal safety and protection for skiers. It works automatically to take off the binding of boots and skis when athletes fall so that protecting athletes from injury.

Ski binding is generally divided into mountaineering snowboard binding strap, ski jumping snowboard binding, cross country ski binding, and snowboarding binding. Apart from cross country ski binding, all ski binding strap of the other types consist of two parts (the front part is fixed and the rear part is moveable and adjustable).

The value of both front and rear part should keep the same and smaller values should be set for beginners due to poor control to ensure personal safety. As for the experts, the values can be set larger if they can control the skis with large flexibility at high speed and in the case of big impact in order to avoid skis off unnecessarily.

ski boot

ski boot

Ski Equipment-Ski Boots

Skiing is a fast movement; the technical action mainly depends on the feet, so we need a good pair of ski boots. A good pair of boots makes people feel comfortable and very fit; toes in the boots will not feel too tight and are able to easily put on. And skiers will feel tight and comfortable, as well as boots tightly wrapped in the foot and calf when put on boots. Clips on the cover should work well to make ankle bent forward, so that skiers could properly control skis/snowboards and skiing speed. Beginners should choose a lightweight, flexible, elastic, warm fit and waterproof boots for good operation. Low boots are proper to prevent the influence of ankle. Also, experts can choose the boots tightly connected with feet and boots, so skiers can control snowboard for any tiny gravity variations through boots in order to improve the capability of control of skiing and gliding (In addition, soft ski boots are the better choice). The boots are generally mainly for mountaineering skiing, cross country skiing, jumping skiing and snowboarding.

DALBELLO: registered in Italy in 1974, committing to continuous technical innovation and making itself best ski boots maker of best quality and workmanship and the most comfortable products in the world.

ski gloveski glove

Ski Equipment-Ski Clothing
Ski clothing is generally divided into athletic clothing and travel wear. Athletic clothing is designed according to the characteristics of the sport events, emphasis on the improvement of athletic performance. Travel wear mainly feature as being warm, beautiful, comfortable and practical.

Ski wear is generally very bright, not only taking into consideration of good appearance, but also for the sake of safety. Brightly colored clothing is easy to be found in case of being lost or skiing in the mountains, especially on steep slopes.

Except the ski wear for skiing competition, the clothing of being too small or tight is not reasonable due to the actual limitation during gliding. Ski wear are divided in the form of one-piece and two-piece suits. Two-piece ski clothing facilitates easy wearing, but high waist style pants should be considered and strap and soft belt are better, also, T-shirt should be relaxed to prevent snow when fall, especially for beginners. One-piece ski clothing is simple and comfortable, but it is more complicated to wear. According to the experience of skiers, it is more convenient to wear one-piece than two-piece.

The outside materials should be used wear, tear-resistant, windproof and waterproof nylon fabric materials and the inner layer of warm clothing materials should be warm and good cotton in order to provide good warm conditions for skiers. According to the experience of skiers, one-piece ski clothing is better than two-piece in the respect of warm keeping effect.

Ski cap is used to protect the ears, and should be lightweight, will not affect the vision. Head style is a good selection; generally fine elastic wool is proper for women skiers. In general, ski gloves are made of natural leather and synthetic materials, and should be the impermeable fabric, warm, soft, wearable, anti-cuts. Ski enthusiasts should choose large ski gloves with separated fingers to effectively prevent the entry of snow.

ski helmetski helmet

BRIKO Briko: of fast development of technological innovation, forward-looking ideas, known for ski gears and ski goggles. Briko provided products for Italian skiing team in 1985.
ARNETTE: famous for helmets and goggles; committed to create the most popular and quality brand.
ASICS: made in Japan, one of the top ski clothing brands. It has a variety of models, the design is appropriate for the Asian. Two thin T-shirt and a pair of trousers, the fabric is light, soft, thin, warm, waterproof, breathable and diverse colors, very beautiful, and even the Italian national team also like to wear such clothes.
TECGAR: more than a five-year history of sales in Hong Kong, high quality outdoor sports and leisure, being very strict.in design, choice of materials and quality inspection.

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