* How to Select Your Proper Ski Helmet

The potential risks will increase if you just think it is just a heavy burden to wear a ski helmet. It is believed that your safety should be the top priority when you enjoy the skiing. You can find some popular brands of ski helmets in the market such as GIRO,LEEDOM,BRIKO,BOERI,PRO-TEC, BURTON,ROSSIGNOL,LAMAR and K2. As for the materials, EPS foaming are broadly used, resistant to impact. What factors should be considered when you purchase the proper ski helmet?

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Firstly, the famous brands should be fully considered, which are produced by the professional ski helmet makers, such as GIRO and LEEDOM in North America and these helmets feature with many bleeder holes, light weight and good comforts, shaped like bicycle helmets; BRIKO, UVEX and BOERI in Europe, focusing on strong protection, optional devices to protect cheek, shaped like motorcycle helmets. ASTM 2040 and CE UN 1077 are the special certificates for ski helmets in America and in Europe.

Secondly, the proper size is also important and you could measure your head yourself (the size from the highest position of occipital bone to brow ridge, usually, L (58CM), XL (60CM).

Regarding the weight, the helmets with light weight and good comforts facilitate somebody to wear for a long time as a habit, especially the ones weighting less than 500 grams, according to BOARDZONE. Some heavy ones, which possibly refer to glass fiber reinforced plastics, are not so good. Most of Leedom helmets weight 330 to 450 grams, even the biggest Scream weighting no more than 600 grams. Series Prophet has fifteen bleeder holes.

Also, shape, color, pattern and price should be considered. A proper ski helmet can bring you both more safety (normally, 22%—60% risks can be reduced) and joy during your skiing freely from the high mountain top to the bottom. Wish a nice skiing.

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