* Ski Helmet Review

A ski helmet always arouses a debate about the effectiveness and whether it should be mandatory to wear it, which is a head protective headgear against the strong collision or injuries, in particular, during the skiing season.

ski helmets

ski helmets

Ski Helmet Mandatory?
The advocate supports that the using of the skiing helmets can dramatically reduce the risks or brain damage including traumatic brain injury, actually reducing head injuries by 35% in adults and 59% in kids under 13, according to the study from the University of Innsbruck in 2011. Moreover, the calling for wearing helmets is growing after some serious snow accidents, e.g. the death of actress Natasha Richardson who died after hitting her head in 2009.

On the contrary, the opponents insist that the current studying data is not able to exactly explain the relationship between ski helmets wearing and the reducing of skiing or snowboarding risks. In fact, although about 40% more skiers and boarders use helmets in Scotland, the number of the head injured has not yet been obviously reduced. Furthermore, some people tend to some crazy actions which they won’t try if they were not having “invincible” ski helmets.

No matter what the final result of this debate, skiing helmet is one of the ski equipments, just like snowboard, ski goggle and others, frankly speaking.

California is the only state in America, regulating that skiers use ski helmets for the snow sports by far, referring to the participants aged 18 and the younger by far. In 2011, the Nova Scotia government (Canada) plans to pass a law requiring all skiers to wear helmets, $250 fine for each offence. A helmet mandatory for people younger than 16 years was implemented in most Austrian provinces in the winter season 2009/2010.

ski helmet cover

ski helmet cover

How to Measure a Ski Helmet?
The correct sizing of a ski helmet is crucial for the effective safety during winter sports, facing the slight differences in shape, materials and size. Too small is tight and uncomfortable while too large is dangerous.

Measure the size above your eyebrows with a tape made out of cloth, plastic or paper (centimeter as unit is preferred, for exact sizing), wrapping it around your head with the same level and marking it. If you want to buy kids ski helmets, don’t plan extra larger size than the actual for growing up.

Try the size when you buy the snow ski helmet, putting it on the head, fastening the strap to check whether it is comfortable, also try it with your goggles.

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