* Special Skiing and Snowboarding Games

Do you dare to attend the cool skiing competition without thick clothes but underwear and snow headgear? Each year, there are some such games held in different countries and region and there always are many skiing fans supporting and taking part in it even though in a world of ice and snow. Wanna become unique and outstanding in the games? Wear an amazing ski helmet as you can find and imagine.



German Skiing Games
2013 Naked Skiing Games held in Altenberg, Germany on local 23 Feb.2013, and the competitors only can wear underwear and ski helmets. Thousands of audience attended this competition.

naked skiing games

naked skiing games

Russian Skiing Games
Nude Skiing Competition held in ski resort of Kuzbass, Siberia in Russia on 20 April 2013, hundreds of skiing and snowboarding fans taking part in it, only wearing swimsuits, not afraid of cold weather.

The host party aims to make a new record of Guinness World Records for this skiing event. Around 500 players attend it as estimation; however, more than one thousand participants join it actually. Video and images of such great skiing and snowboarding event have delivered to London and the news whether such record is effective will come in two months.

As weather forecast, drop in temperature and rain will comes in this region, which has not prevented players’ participation. It stays at around 15 to 17 degree that day.

special skiing games

special skiing games

Chinese Snowboarding Games
On 12 Jan.2013, 56 snowboarding players attend games in Qipan Mountain, mountain leaping, Ollie and timing downhill. Snowboarding seems attractive for the perfect combination of speed, skills and courage. On the racing track, players snowboard with helmets and professional goggles, 300 meters long and 80 meters wide, who come from Beijing, Dalian, Shenyang, Tieling, Anshan and Fushun. Among them, there are 15 female skiers.

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