* Where Ski Helmets Wearing Compulsory?

Ski helmets should be compulsory for all skiers during the skiing or snowboarding. Although scientists have not yet have sufficient evidences to prove the necessary connection between ski helmet wearing and safety improvements if accidents and collisions.

The local laws and regulations require it in some countries and regions to guarantee skiers’ safety or even save their lives, especially in some skiing resorts or the places where inherit skiing and snowboarding as a traditional winter sport. Some officials believe such mandatory act is not bad because helmets protect you from wind, snow and keep warm at least.

kids ski

Italy is the first country to make it compulsory to wear helmets for the kids below 14 years old during skiing or snowboarding and parents should be responsible for their children wearing it, otherwise, they will be punished with a fine of 150 lira. Adults are not restricted.

Austrian authorities regulate kids below 15 years old have to wear ski helmets for skiing sports, however, each authority in the province is entitled to finally decide whether to implement the regulation. Until now, in Province Lower Austria, such compulsory act proceeds for the children at some ages and adults remain have their choice freedom for themselves.

In Norway and Slovenia, it is regulated that the children under 13 years old should wear helmets during skiing and snowboarding in resorts.

In France, no compulsory requirement of helmet wearing is made for both kids and adults by far, although you possibly will find the signs reminding skiers to slow down on the slopes in the resorts. However, the local skiing schools usually ask kids to wear it for lessons, so do French skiing resorts for all children since 1988, such as Chamonix, Sainte Foy.

ski helmets compulsory

Due to the different authorities and local regulations in states, it is easily understood that different attitudes toward whether ski helmet wearing in USA. National Ski Areas Association recommends wearing a helmet for skiing and snowboarding. By far, it is compulsory only in California, as I know.

In order to prevent skiing accidents and save skiers’ live as much as possible, some ski resorts and schools set up some regulations to ask skiers to wear helmets, mainly for the kids or make some measures such as speed limit, for example:

Grindelwald Resorts, in Switzerland, requires the skiing speed limit of 30kilograms per hour.
Altitude Ski School in Verbier, Switzerland sets rules of ski helmets wearing in the school and Villars Ski School advises it.

Andorra Resorts have such rules such as Arinsal and Pas de La Casa, for kids under 12 years old and Snowboard Park respectively.

In the United States and Canada, it is a trend now to require helmet wear in ski resorts, lessons and snowboard park such as Vail Resort, Breckenridge Resort, Camelback Resort, Crested Butte and Heavenly.

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